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Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Nick Botelho at NB Recording.


released 01 April 2013

All music written and performed by The Know Nothings.



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Goliathan
Exacerbate that haul
Drive betrayal deep
Fuck each word
It’s tongue in cheek
You’re so built for destruction
Crowned king of the ruins
Walk tall, stride strong
Walk tall, stride strong

Bury all your brothers
Shovel dirt over shoulder
Bury all your brothers
Triumph in the loss
Wage war on the silence
Mirror the sun just to blind us
But believe to be so pure
But claim to be so pure

That caked dirt on your hands
Blood dust of the lambs that trust
They live in your trojan horse

And you set it on fire
You don’t flinch
Don’t mind the stench
Triumph in the cost

Price of soul means less than gold
Gold teeth get pulled, pain keeps pockets full

The prodigal son
The unraveling one
Our foot prints are ready made tombs
When a fool’s desire looms

Nothing is more assured
That the digest of vicious worms
Is the hand in hand comparison
Of your leviathan glutton

The prodigal son
The unraveling one
Our foot prints are ready made tombs
When a fool’s desire looms
Track Name: Abolition
The room’s filled with commotion
Yet I fade in and out
Of perverse conversations
That can’t be more than hypocrisy
Fractions of misery drought my veins
And I thirst with wishes of peace
But my conception’s torn of ease
So much mocking me
I court waging war
My conception’s free of relief

Regarding only distain
Truthful trade
Pushing the ignorance
I, the loathing being
Cornered, unblind
Voiceless defiler
Pleading crown
I, the sinking trier

My ration is purged in screams
I don’t even know what I mean
What’s the virtue of selling woes
When you’re the only buyer?
Pedaling my own path
Each step I laid like a stoned
I never built for what was true
I build what helped ignore you
Every stranger who needed my hand
My corrosive grasp ridded that

There’s no faking the situation
The disregard of man
We all watched the dam break
And told each other to “hold your breath”
No more can I turn the cheek
I’m wide eyed for you
This is abolition of my name
And recognition of yours
This abolition of a deaf ear
I listening for you

My ration is purged in screams
This is my open mouthed defeat
Track Name: Möbius Stripper
The same song and dance
Two stepping along the seams
Between reality and petty dreams
This fragile bridge I’ve made
Waltz across my acid means

That bitter crawl
A taste I meet with a smile
So charmed with defeat
Can’t bare looking away
It’s a handshake from a murderer
The smirk of oblivion
Can’t be here with visions clear

This high horse has died
But I’ll continually beat it
So proud, So resentful
So deprecating

If I took off my head
I would walk around like I was still alive
Slaving my grind, tightening binds
I’d make my bed
But not to sleep in it, no not to dream
That much remains

As the old adage goes
Old habits die hard
Well I am the habit

Habitual creatures
Find solace in ruined ground
Shallow roots hold
But to what extent?
These vices mean nothing
I smile back at oblivion
I never claimed to be a saint

Recognition doesn’t mean victory
I continually beat it
So sad, so shamed
So eviscerating

If I took off my head
Would I let go of hell? Would I?
The crutch is far from kicked
I am the habit
Track Name: Smoke Signals
Fear now for I am with you
Bringer of truth, destroyer of worlds
I come with open arms
How long, how long has it been?
Brothers and sisters, is this but an act of mourning
Buried by the smoke of bridges and bodies burned
Tell me, now tell me
Does the past mourn for you?
(There’s nothing truer than you and me)
I’m more alive than what you feel inside
I’m the blood that hardens you veins
Can’t abstain from my grasp
Acertain that
Like tides against the shore
we persist and insist to endure
Such beauty in our destruction
We're all products of nature
Clairvoyance Is a gift
I offer only what you know
It is truth and it is you
To have loved and lost, to have lost it all
Fear now for I am you
I am the wretched meander
I am that hollow breath
Hold it in, hold it
Fear now for I am you
A falling anchor with no end
Fashions love into a noose
Save your breath, save it
Let it crash into the depths of emptiness
Inhale the smoke of bridges and bodies burned
Tell me, truly
What is left for you here?
A memory of her face, endless stations, desolate
Barron to the bone
The most beautiful place you ever built
It is ash and isolation and it coats your clothes
A psyche stained with impotence of a man scorned
Barron to the bone
These frail frames once held home, how do you build now?
Track Name: The Bi-Polar Express
Just drive
I am headed far from here
Don’t pry
Different eyes drag me on my way

A sun that doesn’t rise
Will never sink again
Take these words and bury them beside redemption
Take it all from my hands
Leech me for a "purpose"
I neglect to say purpose is a ghost for many
I let roots unfurl into the core
Beneath is the void
How could we call it growth?
No stability in emptiness

I grab but the world keeps falling away

Maybe I've thought too much
I can't caress understanding
I want to love and be free, amnesty
But you’d never do that for me
I will live in this vacuum
I will hate and live large for me
Does it make your heart sink?
Tell me, can you hear this?

Do the words keep falling away?

Like a wolf to the lamb
My ration leaves you floored
Like a cradle in a grave
Your hand purged bliss so quick
Promising rot before replenishing
This world cannot promise anything

So I uproot again
Float in a new hue
But cannot forget
Where I have been
Where have I been?
Where bullets swallowed by the brain
Unabled thinking
A scapegoat for the exposed man's vision
It's bought from grave logic
And practiced relentlessly
Confused and flawless, the withered's precision